Salon, Spa & Barbershop Owners

Whether you are a one person shop or manage a team of employees, we work with multiple carriers that offer products designed to meet your specific needs.


Booth Renters

As a booth renter you are running an independent business and need your own protection.  Most states require booth renters to carry general and professional liability.  You also may want coverage for your tools.

Does your insurance cover you:

  • At all locations you work?
  • When doing home cuts?
  • While working away from the salon/shop (i.e. At the church or hotel with a bridal party)?
  • For the cost to replace the tools you own and use every day (scissors, brushes, dryers, etc.) from damage or theft?

Tailored Coverage for Salons, Spas & Barbershops

Sixbey Insurance Agency LLC has partnered with top-rated insurance companies to bring you coverage tailored specifically to your industry at an affordable cost.


  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Property (owned/rented premises)
  • Business Personal Property
  • Workers Compensation, Short Term Disability, Paid Family Leave


Accounts Receivable; Additional Insured; Building Inflation Protection; Burglary & Robbery; Business Personal Property Off-Premises; Computers; Employee Dishonesty; Exterior Signs; Mechanical, Electrical, Pressure System Breakdown; Money & Securities; Personal Injury; Seasonal Variation; Sprinkler Leakage; Tenants Improvements and Bettements; Valuable Papers & Records

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Clippers can slip, a haircut could go wrong, a chair could break, and the building could sustain damage... You get the idea.  Let us help you protect your business!